Chicago Masquerade : Crooks, Politicians, and Vampires

Information- The beginning

Why both of you end up at the scene

So, we have Schizo, the detective, and Stephen, the politician. Now, in normal world scenarios, these two people would likely never meet, right? Unless Stephen had a job for Schizo… but wait! You both live on the North Side, and where better for both of your personal quests than to go someplace where information is sure to be?

That brings us to the Friendly Fink. It’s likely in nights to come that the Fink will become a central piece in each of your quests, for reasons that will become clear later.

Stephen would know it as a top notch bar where anyone who’s anyone will know the rumor of the day, including gossip about local celebrities, congressmen, and artists.

Schizo will know it because its one of the beats he goes to to wind down at the end of the day. For one reason or another, the Friendly Fink has been around a while, though during Schizo’s mortal days it was called something different. Not much has changed about the interior since those days, aside from the fact that it’s always clean. It’s a place to shut out the modern world.


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