Chicago Masquerade : Crooks, Politicians, and Vampires


current rumors floating around in Chitown.

A general rumor of a mass murderer or sociopath is going around, fueled by the grisly details on the murder on Madison st. leaked by one of the more attentive tabloids. The tabloid was decidedly graphic, complete with pictures from the crime scene and a few excerpts from a “police file”. Could be faked, or could be real, but the pictures don’t look Photoshopped. Some of the local rumor mongers point to an old rumor about a “psycho” escaped from the old Mental Health facility on the north side, but no one believes it could be the same guy, just a copy cat.

Max- On top of the general rumor, you’ve heard via one of your sources that the cops are investigating an old crime scene in relation to the new. It’s not old in the sense that it’s “years” old, but for some reason the crime file seemed to have slipped everyone’s minds for one reason or another and only a new transfer from a different department brought up the fact that there hadn’t been much follow up, despite the computer record that it needed more investigation. You even get enough information from your ally that there was apparently a fairly important political person involved, and that the case file is missing, but he wasn’t willing to give you a name. The location? One of the more well known snobby hotels right downtown, room number 1006 penthouse suite.

Steve- On top of the general rumor, your friends (Mark and Mike i think?) tell you that they’re going out of town after New Years. On top of that, they warn you not to get too free with anyone at the party at the Fink which they intend to attend with you. Mark mentions that he heard that the cops were investigating some messy party from earlier in the season more thoroughly, and that it would be wise to try and keep a lower profile for a while. On the plus side, Van Buren has finally contacted you again, the details of which I will leave in a private message for you.


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