Chicago Masquerade : Crooks, Politicians, and Vampires

The Hook

Part 1

So our endeavoring Malkavian and potential Ventrue have met and been introduced each other, as well as gained information regarding both of their personal goals.

Max- Has learned that a bunch of cops came to the Fink and were quietly discussing the murder that quirked his interest, which was gruesome enough to make hardened veterans of the CPD go pasty white.

Steve- Has learned that the singer Marie makes an occasional appearance at the Fink, and is much admired by others in the city. He’s been told to expect the singer on New Years Eve by Brittany.

Both- Have learned that there’s a famous tattoo artist who owns a shop up the street from the Fink called Icarus Tattoo. Max knows several of the business people who were drinking with her. They’ve also met Brittany, who knows Max and Max’s partner Doug fairly well as well as the usual regulars. She seems to have a finger on the pulse of the North Side, or at least with most of her regular patrons.

We’ll say that they left the bar at closing time, after more or less enjoying each other’s company. Each of you can decide how to feel about the other on your own I think. :)



colddreamer colddreamer

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