The Friendly Fink

Well situated to appeal to a wide range of clientele, the Fink is at once an uptown high end businessman’s bar as well as toned down enough to appeal to higher end blue collar folks. The drinks are too pricy to appeal to the under classes or perennial drunk.
The bar has an area with VIP tables that can be set up with a small stage. The bar is well known for having open mic nights, as well as local acts, and even rarely a more well known act.

The bartender Brittany is well known and often seen here.

An interesting side note of the Fink is that because of the stone facade of the building and heavy walls, cellphones often don’t function correctly inside the bar. Check your cellphone and hassle at the door! Unlike some modern day bars it is not equipped with wi-fi or any sort of cellphone signal extractor.

By Illinois law, however, all smoking has to be done outside or in a non-public area, and the Fink has always had a special alcove for smokers. Technically not a “public” drinking area, the smoking room is more like an old fashioned gentleman’s club area, paneled with wood, a fire place and comfortable chairs.

An astute observer will note that every room in the Fink is fully supplied with fresh air from an experimental vent system, keeping the smoking room fresh as well as the bar area. Each room is also equipped with sprinklers.

There is of course a small back garden for smokers who like fresh air, or for people who need to check their cellphones without going onto the busy sidewalk out front. Or for necking with your girlfriend, whatever!

The Main Room

The fink

The Smoking Room

Smoking room

The Garden

Ignore the hot tub!

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The Friendly Fink

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